Mentors & Vectors

Let’s take a minute to talk Mentors and Vectors.  This is an important concept, and one that I consider absolutely critical for working towards deliberate learning and growth, and mastery of skill.  Before I get started, let me thank Cara for suggesting the topic.  Always an inspiration. Mentors So what is a mentor?  You could … More Mentors & Vectors

Ruck It!

Take a look at this bag real quick…   Nothing special right?  It is to me.  You see this bag has about 35 pounds of dead weight in it.  That is the amount of weight I lost by being disciplined with my diet.  Just my diet. Here is something else I want you to check … More Ruck It!

Understanding Motivation

Getting into the weeds a bit and understanding how motivation works is important to all of us in our roles as leaders and mentors, and as friends and family members. Motivation is critical to our health and fitness, our financial and educational goals, and to over overall well being. In this article I break down my perspective on the sources of motivation and how those sources drive action and enable us to grow. … More Understanding Motivation

What I Believe

I believe we are driven by what we know and believe, however we are defined by what we do.  Think about the following question in the context of skills you have that make you valuable as a high functioning individual. What do you do? What can you do? What don’t you do? What should you do? […]

More What I Believe