The First Single Step


It has been a whirlwind of a weekend.  For the past year I have been contemplating what I will be doing on the other side of my current career, which will be coming to an abrupt, but expected end in August 2019.  I have a laundry list of things I want to do (sitting right next to the list of things I don’t want to do) but the one constant, that I keep coming back to time and again, is that I want to teach.

The brightest highlights of my career have been the times when I could teach, coach, and mentor others.  I am also deeply inspired by the long list of teachers, coaches, and mentors that have brought me to where I am today and quite frankly, I feel it is my duty to repay the debt I owe them by passing on what I have gleaned from them over the years.

About six months ago I committed to teaching (in some form or fashion) and started researching and planning the path I would need to take to get there.  There are loads of great options to break into teaching on the other side of a military career… none of which really excited me.  The thought of going back to school so I could get another degree and a certificate to teach, in an infrastructure I don’t believe in almost completely shut me down.  Teaching high school and college were out, so I looked to something familiar.  Scouting.

Now, I’ll be blunt with no disrespect meant to the institution that is modern scouting… but it isn’t for me either.  The boys don’t seem to be getting it.  The parents are only involved at a lukewarm level at best and the organization is crippled by a lack of inclusivity (on gender and religious grounds), and poor program discipline.  My son and I are still working with a local scout troop because it is the only option (right now), but in the long term… scouting is out.

Once this realization hit me, I started mulling over what it was that mattered to me most about teaching and what my role is in teaching and coaching my children, and those within my own spheres of influence.  Like I am known to do, I started making a list… that list grew into a spreadsheet, and is now growing into a book, a website, and this blog.

As I started to define the concept of Core Skills, Auxiliary Skills, Adventure Skills, Social Skills, and Craftsmanship Skills I realized I am surrounded by experts in hundreds of fields, with experiences that extend down paths I have never walked.  It came to me that these are the people I want to learn from, and that I want my children to learn from.  So I am starting on this journey to build a community focused on learning, taking action, and being of value to themselves and others.  I want to help lead people to Mastery of Skill.

Interested?  Come join the discussion in our closed facebook group and see where this journey goes.

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