The Warrior

There are three Archetypes of Skill that help us define and focus the areas we want to improve to live skillfully.  These are The Warrior, Scholar, and Monk.  This article provides the initial overview of the attributes and skills associated with the warrior.



The Warrior

The Warrior represents our physical capability and capacity.  The enabling skills of the warrior are fitness and nutrition, which then support the development of martial abilities.  The objective of the Warrior Skills is to — build fitness, nutrition, and martial abilities to be physically prepared to protect and defend ourselves and others.

Physical Fitness is the combination of our strength, agility, and stamina.  Fitness includes activities like weight lifting, yoga, running, body weight resistance training, calisthenics, and swimming.  These activities go beyond exercise and are the things we do to train our body to perform at higher levels. The warrior trains these abilities with intensity and purpose.


Nutrition is simply what we do to ensure we are properly fueling our body.  Nutrition includes eating clean, and hydration.  For some of us our diets need to be highly regulated and controlled when it comes to balancing what we eat, and when we eat it.  The most important thing to remember is to eat food that is as close to natural as possible and to stay hydrated.

Clean Food

Martial abilities are the skills we use to protect and defend ourselves and others.  They include training in unarmed combat like Krav Maga and Jiu-jitsu.  Along with training in the use of handguns, rifles, bows, edged and blunt weapons.  Martial abilities are also grounded in developing an understanding of the laws and principles of the ethical use of force and the right to defend yourself and others from threats.

Kevin Warrior

By pursuing warrior skills we also establish and support a mindset of being physical prepared to face challenges and adversity, to be ready to act when action is required.  This empowers us with the confidence we need to engage life in a way that will lead us to success.

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Live Skillfully!


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