Warrior Skill: Ruck It!

Take a look at this bag real quick…

Ruck It


Nothing special right?  It is to me.  You see this bag has about 35 pounds of dead weight in it.  That is the amount of weight I lost by being disciplined with my diet.  Just my diet.

Here is something else I want you to check out…


Yup that is me at about 235 pounds… not my heaviest, but pushing obese.  By the way my heaviest known weight was 246 pounds in 2014.  I say the heaviest known, because I was embarrassed and scared to get on the scale.  In fact I didn’t get back on a scale until I had a reckoning that involved a heart attack scare (more on that in another post one day).

Back on topic, the rucksack I’m wearing in this picture weighed in at 60 pounds of bricks.  Not bad for a fat man in his 30’s, but come on! I was killing it in the gym and on the trails.  I was at crossfit 2-3 times a week and logging at least 4 miles a day (yes every day) running at a 7-8 minute per mile pace.  But I just never broke the code on my weight and I gave up.  Not all the way, I still had to manage a passing physical fitness score to keep my job but I felt that I was destined to be chubby the rest of my life.

I did just enough physical training for a few years to keep ahead of that PT test, but gave up on excellence or ever really feeling better about myself.  Until that heart attack scare that I previously mentioned,  sent my tubby, lazy, stressed out, and scared butt back to the gym.  I knocked it out after that, got my running  back on track and started hitting the weight room… but no dice, only marginal success.  I dropped some weight and got my strength and cardio back up to an acceptable level but still plateaued at 230 pounds and sat there like a rock.  Meh, that was it.. or at least I thought it was it.

Lucky for me a good friend, and trusted compatriot, called me out on my problem (and my personal BS).  I had only ever bought into half of the equation.  I never fully committed to getting healthy because I was too stubborn to eat right.  He said “bro, I dare you to try it.”  so I did.  He was big into bio hacking through Low Carb High Fat Diet to enter a state of ketosis (you can message me if you really want to nerd out about it).  Suffice it to say this was the challenge I needed to break the barrier and it happened fast.  Here’s the proof.


Is this post a little bit of a brag… sure but it is also a reminder.  You see we all get stuck.  There is always a time that feels like it is as far as we can go.  And when we hit this walls we all need that friend who is willing to call us out and challenge us to be better.  I have been absolutely blessed in my life to be surrounded by people willing to help me learn and grow.  Not just in my health and fitness, but in other critical skills areas as well.  I am indebted to so many people, how could I not try to pass on what I have learned and try my hardest to bring others up like so many people have done for me.  It’s a no brainer, my job is to be here to help.

Here is the full circle moment… You see in  December 2015 I carried that pack as body fat that was slowly killing me.  Today I carried it as a training aid to improve my strength and cardio capacity as part of my overall fitness on a 5 mile ruck.  If it wasn’t for a friend who had mastered a skill and shared it with me I wouldn’t be the man I am today.  This isn’t the first time he’s heard it… and it won’t be the last.  Thanks Ed!

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