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Food For Thought: The Circus

In SEAL training you spend your day running, swimming, doing calisthenics, then doing more running and swimming and of course, more calisthenics. At the end of the day if you failed to meet any of the standards set out for you during your normal training day (ie: failed a timed run or swim) then you

Food for Thought: Information Availability

This morning I had a realization about a contrast between myself and my kids.  When I was growing up we were on the cusp of the information revolution.  In elementary school we still made frequent trips to the library to get books to do research, but as we moved into high school we stopped going

Food for Thought: Bias

Food for thought is a chance for me to share with you something I have been thinking about during the week. This is just a quick look into some of the thoughts and things I find interesting or compelling. Enjoy!