The Archetypes of Skill

There are three Archetypes of Skill that help us define and focus the areas we want to improve to live skillfully.  These are The Warrior, The Monk, and The Scholar.

The Warrior
The Monk
The Scholar

The Warrior represents our physical capability and capacity.  The enabling skills of the warrior are fitness and nutrition, which then support the development of martial abilities.  The objective of the Warrior Skills is to — build fitness, nutrition, and martial abilities to be physically prepared to protect and defend ourselves and others.

The Monk represents our emotional control and willpower.  The skills which the monk inspires us to gain are: Discipline, Grit, and Focus.  These skills help us to be Emotionally Stable.


The Scholar represents our ability to learn, reason, and create.  The skills the scholar inspires us to develop are: Learning, Critical Thinking and Intelligence.  The objective of the Scholar Skills is to – build the ability to learn and apply critical thinking to enhance our intelligence in order to be mentally prepared for the challenges we face.