There are five categories of skills which work together to define what you are capable of, and therefore define who your are in the world.  Our missions is to provide simple instruction in developing skills required to be highly effective in your life.  We do this by identifying the skills and breaking them down into learnable and executable actions.

Core Skills: These skills are foundational in nature to the other skills categories and either directly or indirectly support most if not all other skills.  All core skills are required to be considered high functioning.  Obtaining a high level of proficiency in these skills eases the execution of all other skills and tasks.

Auxiliary Skills:  These skills build on Core Skills and enhance the individual’s overall effectiveness.  Developing auxiliary skills will take you from survive and into thrive.

Adventure Skills: These skills are lifestyle choices which add breadth and depth to life by enabling new experiences.  Seeking out these skills puts your mastery of Core Skills and Auxiliary Skills to the test.

Social Skills: These skills are the framework for interacting with others in the world. Refining these skills helps you move in social circles, represent yourself as a professional, and claim your place in the world.

Craftsmanship Skills: These skills offer creative outlets and build personal resourcefulness.  Building these skills enhances the value of other supported skills.


The term “mastery” can be very subjective or it can be very literal.  Sometimes mastery can be defined as capable or highly proficient.  Other times, mastery simple means you can execute a task routinely.  For us displaying mastery is about action, not just regurgitating information (remember you are known to the world by what you do). Because of this we drill each Skill down to executable tasks.  We do not want you to just know about fitness, we want you to be fit.  We do not want to just know about the Psychology of Emergencies we want you to be resilient under stress.

Mastery, in most cases is a journey and at times a struggle. We are here to walk the path with you and help you achieve mastery by sharing our own experiences and skills with you.

Synergy of Skill

The link between some skills and others are inherently obvious, Fitness and Sports for example.  We call these Dependant Skills.  Basicly your ability to perform in sports is dependant on your level of fitness.  Other skills, like Public Speaking and Fire Building, may not be as obviously linked.  We call these Supporting Skills.  Let’s say you are asked to teach a class on how to build a campfire, in this scenario your Public Speaking skills are now supported by Fire Building skill.  There are many combinations of Dependant Skills and Supported Skills, some of which are firm and others which are more dynamic.

Getting Started

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