The Scholar

There are three Archetypes of Skill that help us define and focus the areas we want to improve to live skillfully.  These are The Warrior, Scholar, and Monk.  This article provides the initial overview of the attributes and skills associated with the scholar.


The Scholar

The Scholar represents our ability to learn, reason, and create.  The skills the scholar inspires us to develop are: Learning, Critical Thinking and Intelligence.  The objective of the Scholar Skills is to – build the ability to learn and apply critical thinking to enhance our intelligence in order to be mentally prepared for the challenges we face.  

Learning is our ability to acquire knowledge and skills through education, training, and experience.  Sources of learning are both formal and informal education, apprenticeships, training courses, and self instruction.  With all the knowledge available to you through the internet there may be no limit to how much you can learn.  My favorite resource is Khan Academy.  Give it a shot 100% free.


Critical Thinking encompasses the application of intellectual standards and healthy skepticism to understand the world around us.  Critical thinking is a skill that is learned and practiced over time.  Critical thinking isn’t what to thinking about, it is how to think about thinking.


Intelligence is the culmination of all the things we have learned and our ability to think critically.  You can picture your intelligence as a massive warehouse that you can add anything to, but unless you spend some time there sorting and organizing you’ll have a hard time getting to the items you need when you need them.


By perusing scholar skills we can establish and build on the mental resources needed to understand the intricacies of our environment.  This provides us with the intellectual equipment we need to overcome the challenges we will face.

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Live Skillfully!


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