Mentors & Vectors

A mentor is "someone you choose to allow a degree of influence in your decision making, based on their relationship with you and their knowledge, training, and experience in relation to the decisions you are making."

Warrior Skill: Ruck It!

Take a look at this bag real quick…   Nothing special right?  It is to me.  You see this bag has about 35 pounds of dead weight in it.  That is the amount of weight I lost by being disciplined with my diet.  Just my diet. Here is something else I want you to check

Monk Skill: Understanding Motivation

Getting into the weeds a bit and understanding how motivation works is important to all of us in our roles as leaders and mentors, and as friends and family members. Motivation is critical to our health and fitness, our financial and educational goals, and to over overall well being. In this article I

Food For Thought – Symbolism of the Campfire

There is something about a fire that draws us together and sets us up to learn.  I think the safety and security offered by a campfire is so deeply coded inside our cultural collective learning that we all get drawn into the circle at a subconscious and primal level.  Once we are safely inside the

The First Single Step

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend.  For the past year I have been contemplating what I will be doing on the other side of my current career, which will be coming to an abrupt, but expected end in August 2019.  I have a laundry list of things I want to do (sitting right

What I Believe

I believe we are driven by what we have learned through education, training and experience, however we are defined by what we do.  You can know a lot but your value (to yourself and others) is a result of the actions you take.  Taking action requires knowledge and proficiency in skills that matter.  Think about the following