The Warrior

There are three Archetypes of Skill that help us define and focus the areas we want to improve to live skillfully. These are The Warrior, Scholar, and Monk. This article provides the initial overview of the attributes and skills associated with the warrior.

Food for Thought: Overthinking

I tried to start this post with three different sentences in the past five minutes.  Why? Because, like many others, I struggle with overthinking  things.  I want to plan, and I can obsess over the slightest detail, often at the expense of execution.  This is a problem.  It inhibits action, it can make us pause

Guest Post: Purposeful Education with Jessica Miller

For this weeks guest post we are joined by my sister Jessica Miller.  Jessica is a Deputy District Attorney in California and has been practicing law for 12 years.  She has graciously offered to share her experience finding her way through college and law school.  She has some great insights that can help you find

Food for Thought: Be Skeptical, Not Cynical

In my opinion critical thinking is a skill we should all be developing and cultivating.  This skill allows us to think deeply and creatively about important decisions and choices, and also protects us from relying to heavily (or inappropriately) on our biases and instincts.  Critical thinking is based on a mindset of skepticism, but this

Coach & Mentor; How & Why

There is a subtle contrast between coaching and mentoring.  On one hand a coach teaches the specifics of something, or how things need to get done. While on the other side, a mentor focuses on why you should (or have to) do things.  It would be tempting to say these two archetypes are just different

Food for Thought: Millions Have Done It

When I went to basic training in 1998 I developed a way of thinking about challenging environments and conditions that has stuck with me over the years.  It is a very simple concept, just imagine the number of people who have been there and done it before.  This is a powerful tool for getting your

Defining My Roots

When I was growing up my father ran a small T-shirt printing and embroidery business in Oroville California called The Shirt Tree.  Some of my earliest memories are of hiding in the racks of shirts, and climbing around on the counters while he and my mom worked.  I think about the Shirt Tree a lot

Food for Thought: Bias

Food for thought is a chance for me to share with you something I have been thinking about during the week. This is just a quick look into some of the thoughts and things I find interesting or compelling. Enjoy!

Guest Post: Self Reliance with Dena Jardin

Welcome to our first guest post! Dena and Rodger Jardin have inspired me for a long time.  They have a level of grit and determination that is well deserving of admiration which made it a really simple decision on my part to ask Dena if she would write a guest post about their Business: AM

Food for Thought: Integration vs. Ballance

The concept of “work life balance” has never really sat well with me.  It feels to one way or the other, and in my mind, draws a line of demarcation between two vitally important things we do… work and live our lives.  I would propose a different view using a descriptive term that I think