Daily Journey – November 16th: Hope and Fear are the Same

Hang in there with me… this one takes a minute to get across.

While hope is generally viewed as positive and fear is a negative, how can they be the same?

Simple, they both are forward looking. They are focused on conditions we want to see happen. And we worry that they will either not come to pass, in the case of hope… or that they will come to pass, in the case of fear.

Now, while all this wanting and worrying is going on we just might be missing the most important things that are happening right now. We might be so worried about the future that we miss the opportunities we need to take right now to set up the conditions we hope for or protect us from the things we fear.

Of course I’m not saying hope and fear should (or even can) be eliminated from our lives. But I do think we should have a measured response to them and not let them over run us and keep us from the real moments that are happening right now.

Don’t be paralyzed by hope or fear. Don’t let your wants be over burdened by worries. Do what you can right now to build up what you want in your life.


Daily Journey is a collection of my thoughts from reading The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living.  My objective is to gain greater control of my emotional responses by reading and sharing my thoughts on stoicism with you all everyday over the course of a next year.  If you would like to explore these topics with me, and others who are seeking to gain emotional control I these articles to the Mastery of Skill closed facebook group and would love for you to join in on the conversation.

Live Skillfully!


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