Reading List: Leadership

Lincoln on Leadership

Lincoln on Leadership has been on just about every leadership reading list I have encountered since 1999.  It is a quick read, but contains deep insights into Lincoln’s leadership and management style that will have you coming back again and again over the years.

The Leadership Challenge

A deep dive into organizational leadership.  Well worth having on hand.

Emotional Intelligence

One of the best books on influence skills you can get.  Unlike raw intelligence (IQ), this Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is something we can improve with effort over time.

Leaders Eat Last

AS a leader you have to set the tone for your organizations environment.  Leaders Eat Last is the play bok for how this can be done effectively and efficiently.

Start with Why

Simon Sinek has become staple reading for leaders around the world.  Start with Why is the foundation of his explosively popular work.  Understanding “Why” helps people do what they need to do in order to succeed.

Wooden on Leadership

Coach Wooden Lead the UCLA Basketball team through its most successful years.  This Amazing read will teach you how he did it.