Book Review – The Five Dysfunctions of A Team

The FIVE Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni came to me highly recommended a co-worker as a great way to assess the level of trust on a team.  It also includes some practical steps to increase trust on a team in order to better execute an organizations mission.

 Lencioni argues that the absence of trust is the foundation of all other team dysfunctions. 

Lack of trust –>Fear of Healthy Conflict–>Lack of Commitment–>Avoidance of Accountability–>Inattention to Results

So if lack of trust is assumed to be the root cause of the other primary dysfunctions, then building trust among team members should be a top concern for leaders who need highly effective teams to meet goals.  Thankfully Lencioni gives us a good starting point.

 Trust requires:

  • Shared experiences (good and bad) over time
  • Multiple-instances of follow-through and credibility 
  • In depth understanding of you teammates unique attributes 

Trust sets the tone for healthy/constructive conflict.  This “conflict” leads to shared buy-in to goals (ie: commitment).  When we are bought into the same goals we start to hold each other accountable.  This accountability will help ensure our goals are met, leading us to the results we want.

Again, the book is a great read, and even comes with some exercises that are easily doable to get things jump started.

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