Food for Thought: Smarter, Faster, Stronger (SMASTER)

When we moved to Japan we started a new family dinner tradition.  During our meal we would each take turns asking each other “what was your favorite part of the day.”  This moment of gratitude has been a great piece of insight into the mind of our nine year old… or into the dark recesses of a teenage brain….  We often talk about things like the kids riding their bikes, playing with friends, or watching movies.  Recently we switched up our evening dinner conversation to help the kids get a little more intentional about their days.

Our Kids at the swimming hole

We still ask each other about the favorite thing that happened during the day, but we start with”what did you do to get smarter, faster and stronger today?”  Our youngest smooshed the question together into a the new family colloquialism SMASTER.  The rule is that whatever you did to get Smarter has to result in learning, in other words you have to be able to tell us what you learned.  For faster and stronger, the activity has to be intentional and focused on being more physically fit.

Typically, we get a great recap of what the kids learned at school, along with some insights into how they are doing with things like baseball practice, ballet, or with yoga and Irish dancing.  Recently they started rucking together in the mornings (which I love to see).

Not surprisingly, this has also helped Anna and I by keeping us accountable to our own personal growth because we have to answer the questions too.  It is also a great chance to lead by example and show the kids that we practice what we preach.

Give it a shot.  You’ll be glad you did.

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