Food for Thought – Recovering My Momentum

How quickly time got away from me!  Starting in September I began a series of trips from Japan to Virginia and naively thought I had the grit to keep up with all of the things I normal do on a day to day basis.  I was wrong.  Back to back to back (yes three trips) International travel and the associated jet lack and fatigue out did my best intention.  Turns out I am not super human.  I finished my last trip in November and it has taken over a month to get my focus back, let alone recover from the jet lag.


The challenge is to reclaim the momentum.  This requires addressing three main problem areas; My task back log, my broken sleep schedule, and lack of focused gym time for training.  There is an evil synergy behind a break down in these three areas, so I have decided to break the pattern and take back over.

The Task Back Log

The first thing that went to proverbial hell in a hand basket was my to do list.  This resulted in a break down of planning and scheduling as I started putting out the closest/hottest fire.

Simply put, there are not enough brain cells to keep mental track of all the things that have to be done in a day, week, month and year… I know this, that’s why I have been keeping track of my To-Do’s and tasks using bullet journelling and my weekly plan.

It got away from me, and I didn’t recover.

Sleep Schedule

This could be considered a root cause of my break down in management and efficiency.  I had a solid daily rhythm of bed by 2100 and up at 0430.  I would wake up in the morning excited to write, looking forward to getting my training session in, and getting primed for the work day ahead of me.

Jet lagged smoked that rhythm and I have found it hasn’t been as easy to recover as I thought it would be. So I have been indulging the snooze button which has crippled the amount of time I have in the morning to take care of my most important tasks of the day.

Gym Deprivation

I wont bore you with the numbers but I am not as lean, strong, or as fast as I wanted to be going into the holidays.  I have a couple fits and starts with getting back to the gym for cardio and weight training… but I haven’t even pulled off two days in a row.

Of course the results of this are less energy throughout the day, less endorphin’s to help me feel good… and clothes that are starting to get snug int he wrong places (also not helping me feel good).

Way Ahead

So how do I plan on breaking free of the grid lock and regaining my momentum?  Simple, i want to reactivate the power off habits in my life.  I only need three habits

Track and Plan

It’s time to simplify.  My most successful tracking and planning is always done with one rolling to do list and a weekly schedule.  So I am going back to the basics.  One note book and a one page weekly plan.

I also need to do some time management analysis.  Taking the time to track my time seems to be one of the best exercise I can do to get refocused on my time management tools.

Getting Up Early First

Sounds easy right.. wrong.  I have found this one just needs to ripped off like a band-aid.  Getting up earlier leads to going to bed earlier which naturally makes it easier to get up earlier.  Ready or not GET OUT OF BED!!!

No Excuse Gym Time

TO get back to the gym I need to work out some inner monologue excuse making that inhibits me.  I’ll just do that here and then get back to the gym like a grown up.

I don’t have time… yes you do!

Anna can’t come with me because she has to work… she still wants you to go, so go!

I’m tired… you know you’ll have more energy.

I want to do ___________ instead…… you can get to that later.

What about writing….. later

What about work….. get up early and go like you should be.

I’m not as strong as I want to be…. you think not going will help that!?

I hate cardio….. we all do, suck it up!


Thanks for reading this personal rant.  Sometimes you just need to publicly commit in order to get things back on track.

If you see me slipping up, call me out!


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Live Skillfully!


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