Food for Thought: The Problem with Problems

The problem with problems is that we think we can eliminate them from our lives.  This is just plain wrong.  We are always going to have some kind of problem or another happening either to us, or around us.  It is a fool’s errand to think we can solve, or prevent, all the problems.  What is in our control is the ability to prepare for problems we know have a high probability of coming up, and work hard so we  have better problems.

Death and taxes, the two inevitable problems in life.  There are others as well.  Getting sick or injured, bad weather, natural disasters, crime, accidents, bad moods, losing the game… tenants moving out suddenly… when you start making the list it seems overwhelming right?  The trick here is preparation and planning.  Start by keeping yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually in shape.  Next develop plans to deal with the inevitable in life, secure insurance, save some money, build a 72 hour emergency kit… bottom line take action now to ease the problem in the future.  DO NOT just sit around thinking these things will never happen to you because they will.

You can also work hard to get better problems.  The man with no money has a problem, the man with a million dollars still has problems, they are just relatively speaking better problems.  This idea also applies to your physical, mental, and spiritual health.  If you aren’t capable of running a mile, you have a problem.  A better problem is not being able to run a mile in under 8 minutes.  Not being able to read and write is a problem, arguing over which book to read for book club is a better problem.  Lack of clarity and focus is a problem, having to set aside time for meditation is a better problem.   Improving the quality of your problems will cost you two of your most important resources: Time and Effort.

Time can be traded for anything.  It is the hottest commodity.  You can trade it for money, strength, endurance, intellectual prowess, even friends and family.  Time however, can not be spent alone, it has to be spent along side its partner currency, effort.  Failure to spend effort along with your time is how time gets wasted.

With all of these potential problems nested on the horizon who has time for wasted effort?

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