Food for Thought: Never Let the Sun Catch You Sleeping


Getting control of your day has to start as soon as you roll out of bed.  Of course it helps if you get the right amount of sleep, but the one thing successful people credit over and over again as the key to their achievement is their morning routine.

My morning routine has shifted and adjust over the years as I researched and experimented with new ideas and concepts, but overall the biggest benefits have come from consistency.  This consistency is developed through building habits, like getting up at a specific time everyday (including weekends) and sticking with a simple exercise plan.

My morning starts at 5 am with cold exposure, light strength training, focused study time, yoga, and a morning huddle with Anna.  It seems like a lot but if I get after it every morning I can be up by 5 am knock out some of my most important tasks and be at the office by 8 am.  To help you get started I want to share my normal morning routine.


5:00 – 5:10: Make coffee (priorities), relieve the personal bio-system (everyone poops), and weigh in.

5:10-5:30: Cold Exposure

Cold Exposure helps invigorate the body, sharpen mental focus, and helps strengthen the immune system.  Check out the book “What Doesn’t Kill Us” by investigative reporter Scott Carney for more info.  During the winter I will sit outside in shorts on my patio for my cold exposure.  In the Summer I use the Scottish Shower method or just jump into a cold blast of water.  Check out Brett & Kate McKey’s article for more great info along with Helen Sanders article on Cold Showers at Health Ambition.  I usually double dip this time by sneaking in one of my favorite podcasts.

5:30 -5:45: Strength Training

Nothing special about this. one set of max push ups and one set of max air squats. I’m working in some boxed breathing as a way to sneak in a couple minutes of meditation before and after each set.  I’m currently at 75 pushups and 65 squats every morning.

5:45-6:30: Study

This time is set aside for all things related to my personal growth.  A few recent highlights have been the Big History Project and Crash Course: World History.  Both of these free course are available through Khan Academy.  This is also the time I have my morning coffee (no cream) and a 1.5 liters of water with a little added salt.

6:30-6:45: Yoga

Anna and I use the Yoga Studio iPad app for almost all of our yoga sessions.  Inexpensive and a ton of depth.  If you want to read a little bit more about the benefits of yoga you can check out this article over at Jenn Reviews

6:45-7:00:  Morning Huddle

This is the time Anna and I have set aside to sync up our calendars.  We use modified versions of bullet journaling along with my custom weekly planner that you can get for free by signing up for The Friday Huddle.  We go over our daily schedule, focus areas, the kids schedules, and our top 3 tasks for the day.  It only takes 15 minutes because we front load our planning on Sunday’s when we have our maintenance day (more to follow on this in a future post).

At 7:00 I am getting ready to head into the office and walking in the door by 8:00.

That’s it.  Two focused hours first thing in the morning to get things started right.  What’s your morning routine?  We would love to hear about!  Come on over to the Mastery of Skill Discussion Group to share your routine and thoughts with us.

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