Food For Thought: The Results You Want

The results you want come from the dedication you need.  No gimmick, no games… dedication equals results.  So how do you dedicate yourself to something?  Another simple answer, dedication is shown through consistent action.  From here it is just a matter of finding the actions you need to consistently accomplish in order to be dedicated.  The results will come.

Want to be stronger? Do push ups and squats every day, when they get easy just add more.  Do this consistently and your dedication will result in you being stronger.

Want to be leaner?  Set the right eating habits and stick to them (I use ketogenic, but find what works for you), do not deviate from them.  Being dedicated to eating the right way consistently will result in fat loss and you will become leaner.

Want to be a writer?  Writing every day consistently leads.  Overtime your consistency will result in the development of a body of work you can call your writing.  This dedication will lead to you being a writer.

It is a simple formula, one that you can can apply to every goal you have.

What goals do you have?  How do you plan to develop consistency to meet these goals?

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Live Skillfully!


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