Food for Thought – The Path of Self Mastery

At our core we are made up of cognitions, behaviors, and emotions. These thoughts, actions, and feelings can be automatic responses to the world around us “and” they can be things we do intentionally to control our responses to events unfolding in our lives.

Basically, we are a system of “if; then” responses. 
-If we think/feel/do certain things; then we will respond by thinking/feeling/doing.

This system is activated by both internal and external events.

To master ourselves, we have to look for automatic responses in our “if; then” systems that are more harmful then helpful. When we find them we then have the responsibility to fix them.

We can also make use of this system to program helpful tools into our lives. These habits of mind, habits of actions, and habits of emotion can become very powerful tools in helping us face challenges in life.


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Live Skillfully!


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