Food for Thought – The Change Cycle

Changing things in our lives is hard, and one of the things we can do to increase our chances of successful changing a behavior in our lives is to recognize the process of change and identify where we are in the change cycle.
There are six stages of personal change:
1. Pre-contemplation
2. Contemplation
3. Preparation
4. Action
5. Maintenance
6. Lapse
Pre-contemplation is the earliest stage and it is the point where we may recognize a need for change but do not want to engage in changing.
When we move to contemplation we are actively thinking about and feeling a need, or desire to change.
Preparation is the phase where we start to build smart goals (short term and long term), gather resources and find support.
Action is where the rubber meets the road and we start taking steps toward meeting our goals.
Once the change has been made we enter the maintenance phase. We have met our goals and are working to sustain the new habits we created.
Lapses are part of the cycle and are the moments where we learn, adjust, and start again.


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