Food for Thought – Take the Smallest Step

I can get overwhelmed by my own perception of the size of a problem I am facing, or the challenges presented by the goals I am shooting for.  Staring down along, hard road can cause me to freeze up.  I start to second guess my chosen path, my plan of action, and even my motivation.

This “getting started” problem is typically just me getting in my own way.  I put up a mental block that inhibits taking actions.  To break this block I like to focus on taking the smallest, simplest step.

Don’t over do it, I really mean the smallest and simplest step.

The reality behind this method of taking the smallest simple step is just that big results don’t always come from huge complicated efforts.  Small, simple actions can have huge impacts by setting your brain into action working for you instead of against you.

We can apply this solution to just about anything.  The trick keep taking the smallest simplest step over and over letting the momentum of small wins carry you forward.

Warrior Application

Is running one of your goals.  The smallest, simplest step may be to stretch in the morning.

Do you want to be stronger.  Do one push up… the next time you have the thought “I want to be stronger” do another push up.

Scholar Application

Want to read more books?  Start with a paragraph at a time.

Are you trying to write more?  Get one word or a short sentence down on paper.

Monk Application

Looking for a calmer disposition?  Start with one deep breath.

Trying to master meditation?  Try it for just one minute.


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