Food For Thought: Restless Thinkers

I recently watched a preview video for a game in development by Neil deGrasse Tyson called Space Odyssey.  The game itself seems interesting and as a homeschooling family, it looks like a fun way to engage with the kids in science curriculum, but it wasn’t the game itself that really resonated with me.

In the video, he refers to Galileo and Newton, Edison and Einstein… along with other scientists, as restless thinkers.  What a powerful image!  For me, this label combines the concepts of being restlessly driven to action, along with a deep intellectual drive.

Separately, these labels might not get you very far on their own.  After all, you can be restless and constantly on the go with zero direction or focus.  You can also be a deep thinker with strong intellectual prowess, but have no drive to do anything with your thoughts.  Combine the two and you are on the move, with a purpose and the synergy developed by the two concepts will lead to some amazing results.


What do you think?

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Live Skillfully!


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