Food for Thought – Health and Nutrition

There is a lot of information and advice rolling around the internet on this topic. I like to keep it simple, so here is what works for me. I Focus on Food, Fitness, and Fun.
1. Eat clean, find a balance of fats, proteins and carbs (in that order) that can power your day.
2. Breakfast is not mandatory.
3. Intermittent fasting combined with occasional longer fasts.
1. Take action.
2. More time on your feet then on your butt.
3. Time in the gym should be used for training a specific activity or function.
4. Cardio and strength + function (jiu jitsu, yoga)
1. Adventures that involve other people and physical activity drive a desire to increase both health and fitness.
2. Take things outside.
3. Do what the kids want to do.
1. Keep track and follow up by writing down goals and measuring progress.
2. I like stats and simple apps.
3. Friends and friendly competition help drive good behaviors
4. Share goals and progress along with lapses and set backs.
That’s it, the 4F’s. simple and worth it.
What’s your strategy for increasing health and fitness?


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Live Skillfully!


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