Food for Thought – Get Some P.I.E.

To some degree we all require social support to meet Practical, Informational, and Emotional (PIE) needs. We also provide these supports to other people in our social circles.
Practical support involves help getting things done or providing acts of service. Preparing a meal, doing laundry, a ride to work or school are all examples of practical support.
Informational support is when someone provides us the facts, and details we need to make decisions, or grow in some way. Informational support may also come in the way of a referral to others who can help us solve a problem or expand our social support network.
Emotional support comes from people who help us deal with negative emotions or provide a source of positive emotional experiences.
It can be a helpful activity to map out your social network. Use three concentric circles (like a bulls eye) with you at the center. The first ring is you closest supports, the second ring are those who provide some support, and outside the the circles are people you know who occasionally provide some support. Fill in the names and then assess what type of support they provide.
Did you find anything that surprised you?


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