Food for Thought – Change, Some of the Good and Some of the Bad

Transitioning between missions and adapting to change is something that just starts to come naturally in the military. There are changes to plans, changes to tactics, changes to operating procedures, changes to equipment, changes to leadership, changes to teams… changes to the change.

At times it can seem like everything is in a constant state of change. Like a lot of things in life this has a good side and a bad side.

Positive Effects of Change

New perspectives – A fresh set of eyes can spot problems and issues you may be missing.

Revitalized/Refreshed – New people on the team can up the energy level and provide some fresh momentum.

Breaking Up Bad Habits – Just because it has always been done a certain way doesn’t make it right (or the best)

Finding the Generators – I had a boss once who moved into a new office and after a few months found out they had been storing emergency generators.  No one new where they came from or what they were for, they were just waste.  He found them because he was the “new guy” and decided to go walk around and take a look.  Finding this waste prompted him to dig a little deeper and he started to uncover some more serious problems plaguing his team that he was able to engage with and solve.

Get Leaner – Change can cut out wasted time, reclaim wasted space, and strengthen programs and processes.

Consequences of Change

Burnout – Too much change can burn people out.  Change takes effort and that costs energy.

Disorganization – The chaos that change brings can put old processes sand programs into shambles

Risk of Missing Something – When you change out people on team, you may quickly (or not so quickly) realize that some important tasks are no longer being done.

Compound Interest – Change can cost you upfront and if the positive results aren’t apparent or explained it will start to cost you even more over time.

Loosing Focus – Managing the change can take a lot of work which may blur your focus on the results you are trying to get.


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