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Meaning in Symbols

Each triangle represents one of the Archetypes of Skill, The Warrior, The Scholar, and The Monk.  They converge in the center, representing how mastery of each skill set is dependent on the others.  Inscribing the triangles in the circle shows the whole person is made up of the three archetypes.  To be a master requires

365 Days to Emotional Control

During the past 6 weeks I completed a course that involved, among many other things, some time to do some self reflection and to receive feedback from my peers.  One aspect of my life that I found needing some attention was my tendency to get carried away by emotional responses.   To work on controlling

Defining My Roots

When I was growing up my father ran a small T-shirt printing and embroidery business in Oroville California called The Shirt Tree.  Some of my earliest memories are of hiding in the racks of shirts, and climbing around on the counters while he and my mom worked.  I think about the Shirt Tree a lot

Mentors & Vectors

A mentor is "someone you choose to allow a degree of influence in your decision making, based on their relationship with you and their knowledge, training, and experience in relation to the decisions you are making."

The First Single Step

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend.  For the past year I have been contemplating what I will be doing on the other side of my current career, which will be coming to an abrupt, but expected end in August 2019.  I have a laundry list of things I want to do (sitting right

What I Believe

I believe we are driven by what we have learned through education, training and experience, however we are defined by what we do.  You can know a lot but your value (to yourself and others) is a result of the actions you take.  Taking action requires knowledge and proficiency in skills that matter.  Think about the following