Category: 1. Warrior Skills

Warrior Skill: Emergency Preparedness

This is the first in a series of posts about Emergency Preparedness; these posts will cover the Physical, Mental, and Emotional aspects of being ready to deal with an emergency or crisis.  In this article we will go over the basics of Physical Preparation, the concept of Every Day Carry, and three types of Bug

Warrior Skill: Lift Heavy

Physical strength and capacity are the foundations for all other Warrior Skills.  One of the best ways to build overall effective strength is through weight training.  Over the years I have tried a smattering of different work out plans from cross fit to machine based circuit training, and nothing has been as satisfying or productive

Warrior Skill: Push the Earth

Execution of warrior skills requires physical fitness.  For a lot of people fitness training is surrounded by "ya, buts..." and other excuses.  I believe the simplest answer to this problem is to just drop down and do some push ups to get your mind right.   Push ups are a fast action you can take

The Warrior

There are three Archetypes of Skill that help us define and focus the areas we want to improve to live skillfully. These are The Warrior, Scholar, and Monk. This article provides the initial overview of the attributes and skills associated with the warrior.

Warrior Skill: Ruck It!

Take a look at this bag real quick…   Nothing special right?  It is to me.  You see this bag has about 35 pounds of dead weight in it.  That is the amount of weight I lost by being disciplined with my diet.  Just my diet. Here is something else I want you to check