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Daily Journey – December 14th – What We Should Know By Now

It pays to learn life’s big lessons as early in our journey as possible so they can have more time to impact our choices, actions, and behaviors.   One of these lessons is that we will die.   Accepting this fact should stoke the fires of our passion to master our physical, mental, and emotional

Daily Journey – December 12th – The Beat Goes On

Life advances with or without us. This was true before us, and it will be true after us. The comfort we can get from this truth is found in the legacy we leave behind with our families and friends. The best satisfaction in life is found in the effort and energy we expend to advance

Daily Journey – December 11th – Dignity and Bravery

Why do we respect the hero? For me it is because of the ability to place their lives at risk in order to face down a threat with dignity and bravery.   In the face of fear and under pain of death they take actions others cower and shrink from.   This isn’t a lack

Daily Journey – December 9th: Spendthrifts of Time

I had to google this one. Spendthrift – a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way. Applied to time this is a scary concept.   We manage our money, protect our homes, guard our physical resources… and then squander our time.   How easily we let every interruptions or distraction pull us from

Daily Journey – December 8th: Don’t Hide From Your Feelings

Honestly facing your emotional responses is one of the keys to developing self control in the face of tragedy and loss. Suppressing your feelings or blaming them away on others and the circumstances that surround you is a surefire way to complicate your life and erode your physical, mental and emotional well being. ******* Daily

Daily Journey – December 6th: The Sword Dangles Over You

The sword of fate is constantly descending upon us. We shouldn’t live in a fantasy land, pretending that we will live forever. This fact should remind us to constantly live to the fullest of our potential. ******* Daily Journey is a collection of my thoughts from reading The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and

Daily Journey – December 5th: The Benefits of Sobering Thoughts

Putting off thinking about the possibility of negative outcomes weakens our resilience to the unexpected. We shouldn’t dwell exclusively on the harsh realities that will one day face us, but we also shouldn’t exclude them from our thoughts, our planning, and our actions.   Contemplating your own mortality now should drive you to improve physically,