Category: 2. Monk Skills

Monk Skill: Sacrifice

Many of the skills we need and want to develop will require some form of sacrifice.  The Monk Skills of Discipline, Grit, and Focus are enablers that can help us manage these sacrifices so we can be successful in our efforts to learn and grow.

Monk Skill: The Pilgrimage

Many religions subscribe to the idea of a pilgrimage.   These are journeys to a specific place in order to pay homage and respect, and to learn and grow.  Taking part in pilgrimages helps us come to terms with our mortality and our place in the world.  At times you may find yourself on a

Monk Skill: Discipline Through Honor

My personal honor code is derived from two main influence; my time as a scout and my military service.  This is not a figurative honor code, this is something I carry with me everyday. It is hand written and personal.  I wrote it June 2012 about a year after I returned from Afghanistan.  I describe

The Monk

There are three Archetypes of Skill that help us define and focus the areas we want to improve to live skillfully.  These are The Warrior, Scholar, and Monk.  This article provides the initial overview of the attributes and skills associated with the monk. The Monk The Monk represents our emotional control and will power.  The

Monk Skill: Understanding Motivation

Getting into the weeds a bit and understanding how motivation works is important to all of us in our roles as leaders and mentors, and as friends and family members. Motivation is critical to our health and fitness, our financial and educational goals, and to over overall well being. In this article I