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Guest Post: Divided Attention with Jessica Miller

I’ve come to the realization that if there is something importantyou really want to do then you must be able to drag yourself out of the world of divided-attention and instead focus, in a purposeful way, on gaining the necessary education to really be good at what you do.

Guest Post: Photography Skills – By Anna Nelson

There is a great deal that goes into photography; from cameras, composition, the exposure triangle, post editing, etc., all of the technical and creative aspects of photography.  Yet at the same time it is very simple, a photograph is no more than a record of light captured in a single moment in time.  The idea

Guest Post: Purposeful Education with Jessica Miller

For this weeks guest post we are joined by my sister Jessica Miller.  Jessica is a Deputy District Attorney in California and has been practicing law for 12 years.  She has graciously offered to share her experience finding her way through college and law school.  She has some great insights that can help you find

Guest Post: Self Reliance with Dena Jardin

Welcome to our first guest post! Dena and Rodger Jardin have inspired me for a long time.  They have a level of grit and determination that is well deserving of admiration which made it a really simple decision on my part to ask Dena if she would write a guest post about their Business: AM