Month: June 2018

Food for Thought – Sleep Matters

here is a lot of hype and glorification of people who claim to function on little to no sleep... and while their are likely a small number of people who can succeed on very little sleep, odds are you and I are not one of them.

Food for Thought – The Change Cycle

Changing things in our lives is hard, and one of the things we can do to increase our chances of successful changing a behavior in our lives is to recognize the process of change and identify where we are in the change cycle.

Food for Thought – The Path of Self Mastery

At our core we are made up of cognitions, behaviors, and emotions. These thoughts, actions, and feelings can be automatic responses to the world around us “and” they can be things we do intentionally to control our responses to events unfolding in our lives. Basically, we are a system of “if; then” responses.  -If we