Month: December 2017

Scholar Skill – Playing Games with Your Money

I hate money.  I hate that I need Money.  I hate that I have to work for it… I hate managing it. On the other hand, I love games.  Not just any games though… the real “grindy”  treadmill games, that take days and months to progress through.  If only my budget was a game like

Daily Journey – December 21st – Stake Your Own Claim

A life well lived is sure to be full of wisdom built from successes and failures. These bright points of enlightenment are yours to share and it will be a dark world if we don’t take the time to share what we have learned with each other. ******* Daily Journey is a collection of my

Daily Journey – December 19th – Human Scale

It is a very human thing to feel the “weight of the world.” We assume to imagine the entirety of existence revolves around us and our day to decisions. In the grand scale of things this is pretty absurd thinking. The universe around us is immense and ancient beyond our true comprehension. On this scale

Daily Journey – December 18th – What Comes To Us All

Death is the great equalizer. Every new life born into this world is destined to end in death. This isn’t a cause for panic, it is just a simple truth. A truth that can temper our perspective because in the end we are all brought to the same equal fate. No matter what station we

Scholar Skill – 9 Questions to Find Purpose

The Archetype of the Scholar is one that is ever searching for truth and knowledge.  One of our greatest quest for knowledge is to define and understand our purpose in life.  Knowing our purpose at a given moment enables us to set goals that resonate with us and guide us in taking actions that will