Month: November 2017

Daily Journey – November 17th: Judge not, lest…

Working on improving yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is a personal journey. It is one that is measured and won against yourself, and only yourself.   We may find motivation in the achievements and successes of others. We should even encourage growth in those close to us. But we should not judge others for their

Daily Journey – November 16th: Hope and Fear are the Same

Hang in there with me… this one takes a minute to get across. While hope is generally viewed as positive and fear is a negative, how can they be the same? Simple, they both are forward looking. They are focused on conditions we want to see happen. And we worry that they will either not

Guest Post: Divided Attention with Jessica Miller

I’ve come to the realization that if there is something importantyou really want to do then you must be able to drag yourself out of the world of divided-attention and instead focus, in a purposeful way, on gaining the necessary education to really be good at what you do.

Daily Journey – November 15th: Everything Is Change

Heraclitus said “no one can step in the same river twice” because the river has changed and so have you.   Everything is in a constant state of change. The reality of this change is tempered by our reaction to it. we can either buck and broil as we resent and resist the inevitable, or