Month: October 2017

Daily Journey – October 8th: A Higher Pleasure

The joy we receive by refining ourselves through adherence to virtue will far outlast the momentary dopamine hits we get from other sources of pleasure. Finding joy in the long haul requires us to seek wisdom, justice, courage, and the ability to moderate our wants and desires. untoward way. It’s that simple. ******* Daily Journey

Daily Journey – October 7th: A Selfish Reason to be Good

You know that sickening feeling you get when you lie, cheat, steal… or wrong someone in some untoward way? Want to avoid feeling that way? Then don’t lie, cheat, or steal… and don’t wrong anyone in some untoward way. It’s that simple. ******* Daily Journey is a collection of my thoughts from reading¬†The Daily Stoic:

Daily Journey – October 6th: Looking Out for Each Other

Thinking you are always in direct competition with everyone else on the planet is a truly limiting world view. It is important to know the difference between friendly competition and true winner takes all rivalry. We do compete, and we do have those we are truly in competition with, but not everyone is our rival

Daily Journey – October 5th: Words Can’t be Unsaid

One of the hardest forms of cognitive bias to defeat is evidence primacy. Basically, your brain latches onto the first piece of information you get about someone or something and then everything else is filtered through that bit of information. (This is the reason why first impressions are so important). Because of this, what we

Food for Thought: Teach, Coach, Mentor

When it comes to helping others develop skills I like to look at developing through a three tie process.  First you teach a skill, then you coach the student in its use, and finally your mentor the student in furthering their growth.

Daily Journey – October 4th: All For One, One For All

Because we are so interconnected, if something isn’t good for the whole it wont be good for you. Now, I don’t think we can get all caught up in the woes and worries or even the excitement and joys of everyone else on the planet… but we can use this simple concept to help guide

Daily Journey – October 2nd: The Most Valuable Asset

We must spend time developing ourselves. It is easy to get caught up in the pursuit of wealth, experiences, and relationships and forget to invest in the most important asset we will ever have. Putting time and effort into developing your personal virtue will make everything else you do carry much deeper value. Think for

Daily Journey – October 1st: Let Virtue Shine Bright

The theme for October in The Daily Stoic is “Virtue and Kindness.” We must seek wisdom and justice, live courageously, and build self control. As we do these things we need to let our example shine for others to see and seek to emulate. It is never to late to start building up these virtues.