Month: October 2017

Daily Journey – October 16th: Spread the Word

It is a firmly held belief that one of the best ways to learn is by teaching. As you learn more and more about the virtues of wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation taking the time to explain what you know when someone is curious is a great way to continue your own growth. You shouldn’t

Daily Journey – October 14th: Don’t Get Mad. Help

How many of us suffer through our own quite rage when others are “causing” us discomfort or angst. We would rather eat ourselves up inside then take any step to engage in finding a solution to the problem causing us to writhe internally. I think this is because we can be addicting to anger and

Daily Journey – October 13th: Revenge is a Dish Best Not Served

Revenge is not justice. Seeking out vengeance is more about you and how you feel. Justice satisfies the needs of propriety, civility, honor, and the law. Revenge is just a band-aid on your hurt feelings. Don’t waste your time seeking revenge instead try to satisfy justice. ******* Daily Journey is a collection of my thoughts

Daily Journey – October 12th: Always Love

I’m not one for fufu, duckies and bunnies, sunshine and rainbows, feel good sentiments and cliches… but this one is pretty simple. If you want to be respected you should start by showing respect to others. If you want people to be kind to you then start by being kind to them. Don’t expect someone

Daily Journey – October 11th: Honesty as Our Default

We can be deceptive and manipulative creatures. Often times these “indiscretions” are hidden behind the guise of protecting someone else’s feelings, or saving face. But really a lot of the time we just fear the imagined repercussions of being honest. What ever the justification for little white lies we tell ourselves, whatever excuses we make

Daily Journey – October 10th: Reverence and Justice

Having a deeply held respect for the world and those who live in it, coupled with a staunch pursuit of what is right and just, allows us to develop an active tranquility in lives. Persist in your efforts to learn and grow and resist the seemingly easy road. Tranquility exists through our hard work and

Book Review – The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Warning… Do not read “The Hero with A Thousand Faces” unless you want to completely loose your ability to have thew wool pulled over your eyes by surface level story telling and week literary troupes. Joseph Campbell spent a life time learning and teaching the story of stories.  His understanding of the human mono-myth (or