Month: September 2017

The Daily Journey – September Recap

Septembers theme in The Daily Stoic was building Fortitude and Resilience.  Over all I found this section to helpful in keeping me focused and also built up my personal resolve to achieve my goals.

Daily Journey – September 30th: You Can’t Touch Me

All of this work we do to build up our physical, mental, and emotional fortitude is done with the goal of becoming untouchable. Not in some mystical or metaphysical sense, but through a sheer capacity for resilience. – We are stronger so we can endure physical hardship.  – We are smarter so we can solve

Daily Journey – September 29th: Your Actual Needs Are Small

Your most immediate need is air to breath. Then you need water. Occasionally food. Finally, we need some form of shelter from the elements. The quantity and quality of these things we need can be easily skewed by our own warped perceptions of reality. As we grow more and more successful in our lives we

Food for Thought – Take the Smallest Step

I can get overwhelmed by my own perception of the size of a problem I am facing, or the challenges presented by the goals I am shooting for.  Staring down along, hard road can cause me to freeze up.  I start to second guess my chosen path, my plan of action, and even my motivation.

Daily Journey – September 28th: You Hold the Trump Card

Your response to the things that happen around you, and even to you is one of the most powerful tools you have. You don’t have to be gloom and doom when the weather isn’t just right. You don’t have to rage when things aren’t going your way. You get to have a say in how

Daily Journey – September 27th: What Will Prosperity Reveal?

Success and prosperity can be a window into the true nature of our character. If you are prone to being emotionally overwhelmed money won’t change that, a better job wont change it, and having everything you want won’t change it. Having strength of character and an emotional steadiness that can weather any storm… even success…

Daily Journey – September 26th: What Time Off is For

Have you ever let a day off from your job waste away? How did it make you feel? On the other hand, the last time you took time off from work and had an adventure with your family, or read a good book, or worked on a hobby or other personal project… how did that