Month: August 2017

Food for Thought: Thrashing

One of the most awe inspiring things on the planet is a Great White Shark pursuing and attacking its prey.   Their massive power and relentlessly thrashing once they have latched onto a meal is legendary.  The ferocity of these creatures is so memorizing it led to the creation of Discovery Channels show: Shark Week.

Scholar Skill: Read Like a Graduate Student

One of the first classes I took when I started my Masters Program at the National Intelligence University really changed my approach to research, analysis, and report writing.  The professor gave us a piece of advice that has helped me get through piles of books and power read through academic research.  It's a simple set

The Friday Huddle

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Food for Thought: The Problem with Problems

The problem with problems is that we think we can eliminate them from our lives.  This is just plain wrong.  We are always going to have some kind of problem or another happening either to us, or around us.  It is a fool's errand to think we can solve, or prevent, all the problems.  What

Warrior Skill: Lift Heavy

Physical strength and capacity are the foundations for all other Warrior Skills.  One of the best ways to build overall effective strength is through weight training.  Over the years I have tried a smattering of different work out plans from cross fit to machine based circuit training, and nothing has been as satisfying or productive

Food For Thought: The Results You Want

The results you want come from the dedication you need.  No gimmick, no games... dedication equals results.  So how do you dedicate yourself to something?  Another simple answer, dedication is shown through consistent action.  From here it is just a matter of finding the actions you need to consistently accomplish in order to be dedicated.