Month: August 2017

Food for Thought: Feedback

Even when you are operating at the peak of your potential there will still be adjustments that have to be made so you can maximize your results.  You may also be underachieving and in need of some guidance or direction to push you to a higher level of performance.

Guest Post: Photography Skills – By Anna Nelson

There is a great deal that goes into photography; from cameras, composition, the exposure triangle, post editing, etc., all of the technical and creative aspects of photography.  Yet at the same time it is very simple, a photograph is no more than a record of light captured in a single moment in time.  The idea

Daily Journey – August 27th: Laugh, or Cry

There seems to always be some humor to be found in any given situation. If you look for the lighter side of things it will help ease the burden of the negative emotions that can overwhelm us during our tragedies and troubles. 

Warrior Skill: Emergency Preparedness

This is the first in a series of posts about Emergency Preparedness; these posts will cover the Physical, Mental, and Emotional aspects of being ready to deal with an emergency or crisis.  In this article we will go over the basics of Physical Preparation, the concept of Every Day Carry, and three types of Bug

Daily Journey – August 26th: Seeking Out Shipwrecks

One of the maxims taught in military circles is that leadership development and potential is enhanced when challenges and large problems are encountered early in a career. The lessons learned and the value systems that are developed by facing these challenges (win or loose) solidifies important character traits needed to lead teams.