Month: March 2017

Food for Thought: Bias

Food for thought is a chance for me to share with you something I have been thinking about during the week. This is just a quick look into some of the thoughts and things I find interesting or compelling. Enjoy!

Guest Post: Self Reliance with Dena Jardin

Welcome to our first guest post! Dena and Rodger Jardin have inspired me for a long time.  They have a level of grit and determination that is well deserving of admiration which made it a really simple decision on my part to ask Dena if she would write a guest post about their Business: AM

Food for Thought: Integration vs. Ballance

The concept of “work life balance” has never really sat well with me.  It feels to one way or the other, and in my mind, draws a line of demarcation between two vitally important things we do… work and live our lives.  I would propose a different view using a descriptive term that I think

Mentors & Vectors

A mentor is "someone you choose to allow a degree of influence in your decision making, based on their relationship with you and their knowledge, training, and experience in relation to the decisions you are making."

Warrior Skill: Ruck It!

Take a look at this bag real quick…   Nothing special right?  It is to me.  You see this bag has about 35 pounds of dead weight in it.  That is the amount of weight I lost by being disciplined with my diet.  Just my diet. Here is something else I want you to check

Monk Skill: Understanding Motivation

Getting into the weeds a bit and understanding how motivation works is important to all of us in our roles as leaders and mentors, and as friends and family members. Motivation is critical to our health and fitness, our financial and educational goals, and to over overall well being. In this article I

Food For Thought – Symbolism of the Campfire

There is something about a fire that draws us together and sets us up to learn.  I think the safety and security offered by a campfire is so deeply coded inside our cultural collective learning that we all get drawn into the circle at a subconscious and primal level.  Once we are safely inside the